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"A Talent Development & Production Company

“If you have the desire, passion, focus and determination to be a successful entertainer, we will teach you everything you need to know to get you
noticed, signed and booked!!”

~Tameko Star


We are highly qualified, successful professionals in our field who collectively bring over 75 years

of experience and expertise in the performing arts and entertainment industry.

Founded in 1999 by Universal Records, international pop- dance artist, Tameko Star a.k.a Livin' Joy,

Star House Entertainers has become one of the most revered homes for aspiring entertainers

and veteran performers.

At Star House, we train our talent for the big leagues, offering proficiency training in voice, acting,

dance & performance. Our mission is to develop, cultivate and transform our clients into the

performers they desire to be. ​

At the helm of some of Atlanta's most talented emerging artists lies the foundation of our training.

Our past clients have appeared on American Idol, Broadway, (The Lion King & Sponge Bob Square Pants) The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Lifetime Movie Network. They have also landed roles in Blockbuster films, television commercials, stage plays as well as procured recording contracts!

About Us

About The Star House Entertainers Team

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Janice Paschal 

Assistant Director

A native of Ohio,  Paschal studied dance and theater for over 15 years, which ultimately led to her self-produced one -woman show. Janice holds a number of awards and recognition, including the Editors Choice and recently received the Joe Mann Black Wall Street Award for outstanding service in the Atlanta Community and in the performing arts.

Janice Paschal

Assistant Director

Tameko Star

Owner & Creative Director

singer, songwriter, dancer, 

choreographer, actress and playwright  and one of Atlanta's most sought after artist developers and vocal coaches.

Hailing from Vicenza, Italy, Star studied and excelled in all areas of the performing arts which let to a successful  international recording career as Living' Joy. After relocating to Atlanta, Star opened Star House Entertainers, a successful talent development and production company.

Tameko Star

Owner/Creative Director


Coming  Soon!

Isis  Men-Nefer

Executive Assistant


A.K.A. The Triple Threat Program (Ages 13-18)

MVA Program

Congratulations to our alumni!

We Are So Proud !!

Popular television shows such as “STAR” and “Empire” and movies like “Step Up”, “Drumline” and “La La Land” are just some examples that have cast triple threat talent! If you can sing, dance AND act, you increase your value as an artist! Learning to become a "Triple Threat" diversifies your talents and broadens your horizons as an entertainer!  

M.V.A. stands for MOST VALUABLE ARTIST. It was created to develop young artists into multi-faceted, polished entertainers.  


AUDITION BASED, these (2) hour training sessions commence weekly and are conducted in a fast paced, highly energized, atmosphere! Aspiring entertainers receive instruction in voice, acting, dance, songwriting, musical theater, image development, public speaking and so much more! Occasionally, celebrity guest and or entertainment specialists are brought in for forums, workshops and/or instruction.


Training sessions are conducted in a group setting, giving you an opportunity to work alongside like minded individuals who share your aspirations.

All programs are performance focused with showcases and theatrical presentations providing a platform for you to showcase your work with us!

*Stay tuned to our social media accounts for information on how you can audition to be a part of this awesome program!  

(Ages 7-12)    Weekly 2 hour sessions/ Audition Based




program serves as a

foundation for young

budding entertainers to learn

how to express themselves artistically!

Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting,

we teach them to be proficient in

all areas. Our classes offer a creative,

encouraging and fun filled atmosphere

as our students learn to become

confident, assertive, talented, young


“It is our core belief that
we can teach anyone to do anything  provided they have the will to learn.”
               ~ Ms. J


& More

Our vocal coaching programs are like no other! Your very first session begins your transformation to becoming the Star you’ve always wanted to be. Each session is tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you need to learn breath control, how to sing in the right key, increase your range and/or develop vocal power, Star House has got you covered! We help you to conquer your challenges and build your confidence.


Are you trying to perfect a challenging song for an audition, recording session, talent competition or a church solo? Star House will sharpen your skills, guiding you breath by breath, note to note, lyric to emotion…From the start, our sessions are performance driven! Bring your own music or choose a song you would like to learn how to sing. Through our own unique coaching methods, we can help you to deliver your best vocal performance by creating arrangements that best suit your voice, range and style!


“Voices are like fingerprints of the soul. Each one varies in texture, tone, essence and character.”
~ Tameko Star

The Consultation

Your first step begins with a 30 minute consultation. It is here that we discuss your vision and learn what your goals are. You will be asked a series of questions that will help us to determine what direction to take. If you have music and or videos we will hear and/or view those as well. For an evaluation of your current skill level, you may be asked to sing, dance or act depending on what area of entertainment you are interested in pursuing. We take note of your strengths and challenges and propose a package to take you to the next level!

Vocal Coaching & More
Vocal Coaching & More

Some are born with “IT”and others have yet to discover it within themselves.

At Star House, we uncover it, develop it,  polish it and teach you how to own it!


Artist Development

Our artist development program is not for the hobby singer or for people who THINK they want a career as an entertainer. It is not for the unfocused, lazy procrastinators who say they want to be a star but lack the work ethic it takes to be one. This program was developed for the hungry, focused, determined, eat, sleep breathe musical artists who WHO ARE WILLING TO DIE in order TO BE REBORN!  This program features vocal coaching, performance coaching, image consulting and developing, media training and much more!


During  an initial interview, we will conduct an evaluation to determine your strengths and challenges. A project map and a strategic training schedule will be created to fit your individual needs.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring artist, you will discover new things about yourself and emerge with a new found confidence in your abilities.


The program culminates with a professional recording of an interview and live performance which can be used to promote yourself on YouTube, social media and/or your website.


Through intensive vocal coaching, songwriting sessions, performance coaching, image development, public speaking, dance, even acting lessons, we mold our artist into full packaged, powerhouse performers!